Choosing a physician is a deeply personal decision. Our physicians understand that your decision is guided by input from friends, perceptions of quality and a good personality fit. We know that our physicians maintain the highest commitment to quality of care, but sometimes you feel more comfortable with one personality or another or have heard good recommendations from friends. We understand that each person is different and just like other parts of life, sometimes personalities fit well and other times we may choose other providers. In our group, we have the benefit of having multiple physicians for you to choose from. If you should choose to join our practice, you can be comfortable knowing that we will provide you with the opportunity to select the physician of your choice.

Unfortunately through the course of your care, our physicians may be out of town for additional training or personal commitments. During those periods, you may need to see a physician with whom you are not familiar. If you have concerns about another physician covering your care, we encourage you to discuss this concern with your regular physician.

We welcome transfers from other practices and encourage you to contact our office by phone to start the process. Rest assured we will contact your existing physician to transfer all of your medical records so that your Wooster OBGYN physician has access to your most recent and complete medical record.

Please complete and fax Release of Our Medical Records to our office.